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Magnet Students Visit Arc Kohler

On Thursday, May 2nd, several students from the Union County Magnet High School visited The Arc Kohler School in Mountainside. Kristen Adams, Jadnie Kerlegrand, and Amanda Zheng presented their completed project, a modified slant desk, to a young girl with disabilities. These young women had worked diligently for the last few months in the UCVTS Makerspace to customize it for her. Another MHS student, Omay Edekar, finalized measurements he needed to create a grip for a wheel on a mobility device. This will be for a young boy so he will be able to push the wheel with his disabled hand. Erica Hurst, Maya Kessler, and Vanna Mendoza visited the school’s playground area in order to take measurements to plan for adaptive equipment. Approximately twenty students are continuing to work independently on Arc Kohler projects in the Makerspace under the guidance of Ms. Jackie Gerstein, technology teacher.

Students with adaptive desk