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2022 STANJ Awards

APA students participated in the 2022 STANJ Governor's Awards!

Isabelle F.

Isabelle F. won 1st place for Communication Media Arts!

M.Crimmins and T.Fabrizzio

Mackenzie Crimmins and Talia Fabrizzio won 1st place in Musical Pairs! 

C>Kobin, T.Fabrizzio, O.Sarton

Caroline Kobin, Talia Fabrizzio and Olivia Sarton won 1st place for Musical Ensemble! 

Lucas Luchsinger

Lucas Luchsinger was a finalist for Dramatic Monologues!

K.Macalos and A.Espinal

Kenneth Macalos and Abigail Espinal won 4th place in Musical Pairs!