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     Ms. Martinez


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    UCTech - 801


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    908-88-8288  Ext. 871






UCTECH Junior Class

  • Junior Class


    Welcome to the Class of 2024 Student Council Page!  The Junior Class Council is comprised of energetic students who are excited to leave a lasting impact on the school.  They have many other ideas and we look forward to sharing them.  The council will be meeting on a regular basis and updates can be found on our google classroom. 

    Student Council helps plan activities to keep everyone motivated. Remember, all members of the Junior Class should check their class page for upcoming activities and events!

    Let's get ready for a fantasic year!


    2022-2023 Junior Class Council Members:

    President: Linsey Mychalczuk

    Vice Presisent: Jacob Rizzo

    Secretary: Nat Szuban

    Fundraiser Chair: Anya Miller

    Historians: Colleen Heran and Samantha Hagopian

    Class Representatives:

    Nana Sarpong
    Lily Gaulin
    Erica Igere
    Francesca Polar
    Gayatri Patel
    Joyle Jaramillo
    Vanessa Oliveira
    Daniella Rodriguez
    Adriana Aranda
    Alina Perez
    Julianna Compierchio
    Gabbi Weintraub
    Janina Walburg
    Aiden Cajoux
    Ava Ranski
    Kayla White
    Abena Agyemang