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Spanish National Honor Society & Spanish Club (District)

  •  Spanish Honor Society & Spanish Club

    Spanish Club is district-wide and open for students in each building interested in participating in the club activities.

    The purpose of the Spanish Honor Society is to recognize high achievement in Spanish by students of our high school and to promote continuity of interest in the Hispanic culture and studies.

    - Promote Hispanic culture among members.

    - Celebrate important Hispanic holidays.

     Club Council 2022-23:


    Resultados de las Elecciones para 2021-22
    Felicidades a todos por su participación.

    PRESIDENTA: Amparo Sanchez

    VICE PRESIDENTA: Daniella Palomino

    SECRETARIA:  Aryaa Modi 

    TESORERA: Ivan Sanchez



    Join the Spanish Club today -Google Classroom:g4lx36h



    Celebremos:  Spanish Heritage from September 15 to October 15



    What is Diversity?  Teens talk about diversity.



     The Spanish Honor Society offers tutoring services:  Wednesdays and Friday in room 229 Magnet High School.  Starting September 19 Period 5.  Google Classroom Code:  xrqwmsg

    Ven a tutoria

      Tutor Form 2022-23 form:  You can attend Tutoria without completing the Tutoring Form, join the Google Classroom, and Walk-in period 5, on Wednesdays and Fridays Period 5