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Newspaper Club


    The major goal of the Newspaper Club is to create a student-written and produced newsletter/newspaper which reflects the coverage of major events from each school building on a regular basis. Members of the club will learn the mechanisms required to produce a newsletter/newspaper for mass distribution. Students will fulfill all the major job responsibilities including those of editor, assistant editors, reporters, photographers, graphic designers, and the production crew. In addition to publishing two online newspapers a year (with current event updates in between), Newspaper Club publishes a literary edition, Student Voices, at the end of the school year. 


    The main goals and objectives of the Newspaper club are to promote student writing, to feature district events, to celebrate student and district-wide achievements, and to encourage a free and respectful exchange of intellectual ideas through online publication of a district newspaper.

    UCVTS Newspaper Club takes pride in our community. We believe that strong writing and free thought tethered by high standards journalistic integrity can elevate the level of discourse on and about our campus. 

    Newspaper Club will usually meet on Thursdays during 5th or 6th periods. If you are interested in joining Newspaper Club, you can join our Newspaper Club Google Classroom, code 7t5mezb or stop by the AIT MMC to inquire!

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