• Club / Organization Advisor:

    Ms. Perng 

    Advisor Email:


    Advisor Phone:

    908-889-8288 x 867

Music Club/NAfME

  • Music Club is a student-run club that encourages its members to hone their musical talents and share their passion with the rest of their peers on campus. Each year, we hold a spring concert to showcase our skills with genres ranging from classical to alternative to today’s pop hits. Students with the desire to audition for Regional, All-State or National choirs, orchestra or bands are required to be active members of the club in order to be sponsored for CJMEA or NAFME competition. Whether you play an instrument and/or you sing, all are welcome!


    Technical Director: Madeleine Khristov-Weinrach
    Creative Director: Annemarie Dauz
    Secretary/Operations Manager: Lance Robes
    Senior Advisor: Antonio Drakes
    Co-Technology Specialist: Rafael Palete and Sandro Imerlishvili
    Treasurer/Fundraising Chair: Maddi Manuel
    Social Media/PR Chair: Pari Patel
    Student Representatives: Danica Santos and Christian Laskody
    Editor/Designer: Kelly Marques

    Spring Concert Date: Friday, March 3, 2023


    For more information, check out this video on Music Club: Click here for the video!

    If you are interested in joining Music Club, check us out at the club fair!

    Google Classroom Code: nox43ae