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    Ms. Arencibia 

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    908-889-8288 x 610

Math League

Math League (UCTECH)

  • Math League is an organization open to all UCTech students! The purpose is to promote appreciation for mathematics, sharpen and develop problem solving and modeling skills and foster a spirit of collaboration in competition. Math League members participate in the Central Jersey Math League contests (CJML), New Jersey Math Leage contests (NJML), American Mathematics Competition 10/12 (AMC), and Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey contest (AMTNJ). To be an active member, participants attend practice sessions and competitions throughout the year. Most contests are done in school except for the CJML, which is an after-school travelling competition once a month on Wednesdays (free pizza and soda at these events). Club members receive a certificate at the end of the year for participation in each contest as well as the organization.


    2023-2024 Officers

    President: Marcella Junkroft

    Vice President: Jude DeRosa

    Secretary: Nicole Phelan

    Public Relations: Samuel Beilis and Alexa Zahtila 

    Fundraising Chair: Alex Savare

    Treasurer: Mia La 

    Lecturers: Elizabeth Koizumi and Ethan Lung 


    If you are interested in learning more about Math League, check us out at the club fair!

    If you would like to be a part of Math League, join our Google Classroom: 
    Code: b6r27ux
    Link: https://classroom.google.com/c/NTI3NzI4NjA0MDY5?cjc=b6r27ux