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    Dr. Colasanti


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AIT Sophomore Class

  • We are the AIT Class of 2023! Filled with a lot of energy, drive and fun ideas we work together as a class to host school events and fundraisers. Our goal it to keep the class engaged, having fun, and raising money no matter the enviornment, be it in person or virtual.  


    Class of 2023 Student Concil Leadership Board

      Angela Chen President
      Jason Calderon Vice-President
      Aaron Perrotta Treasurer
      Anu Oluwakuyide Secretary
      Maya Dias Class Rep
      Lucia Lacourtna Historian
      Amanda Rosenthal Fundraising Chair


    What does Student Council do?  Whatch this video for infromation


    The Student Council can always use help on commettees, if you are interested in joining use the form at this link


    -Contact Dr. Colasanti for classroom code if needed.