• Union County Vocational-Technical Schools mission is to address the needs of the residents of our county by providing technological opportunities to acquire the marketable skills necessary to enter into and compete in our challenging labor market as we enter the 21st Century. This mission is committed to ensuring high standards and challenging opportunities through the integration of academic and technical training and by:

    •providing access to technology for all learners
    •providing a strong emphasis on teacher professional development and pre-service education.
    •creating an integration of technology into systematic school reforms

    Our mission statement stresses the implementation of technology as a tool for learning; technology is an instrument to be used to expedite and enhance the learning process. The Union County Vocational-Technical School district has made a commitment to provide its students with up-to-date technology as well as engaging and demanding curriculum. To assist us in keeping this promise we will routinely update the status of our curriculum and technology and report these findings in our technology plan records.

    Our district is dedicated to adding resources needed to implement the plan, such as: current technology hardware and software; release time for professional development opportunities; and in-service professional development opportunities. Our commitment to constantly evaluating our technology resources in the classroom and curriculum is key to helping our students achieve academic success.