• The UCVTS-WBL (Work Based Learning) program was established to provide students a learning opportunity in a workplace setting.

    This senior-elective opportunity establishes corporate and educational liaisons to provide valuable learning opportunities and bridge the world beyond the campus. Mentoring opportunities have furthered such educational pursuits as scientific investigation and application of technology.

    The WBL experience will provide the opportunity for the student to experience "work-based learning" by placing them in a career setting, that they are studying, with local companies. It will give them valuable experience in their chosen field and acquaint them with that field. WBL experience will enable the student to make career choices based on an exposure to the real work force, not based on classroom experience.

    The worksite and school staff will collaborate and plan clearly defined learning objectives related to the activities contained in the student’s training plan. The student is expected to achieve the learning objectives and will receive credit for the time spent at the worksite.