WINTER TESTING DATE: Thursday 2/1/2024  (B-Day)

    9am AAHS Auditorium

    • Dynamics of Healthcare - 10th grade Mandatory
    • Introduction to Clinical Research - 12th grade Optional
    • Scientific Principles of Nutrition -  11th/12th grade Optional

    1pm AAHS Auditorium

    • Fundamentals - 12th grade Mandatory

    MAKE-UP DATE: February 15, 2024 - AAHS Auditorium @ 9am

    SPRING TESTING DATE: Monday 6/3/2024 (B-Day)

    9am AAHS Auditorium:  

    • Medical Terminology - 10th grade Mandatory
    • Anatomy & Physiology II -12th grade Optional
    • Scientific Principles of Nutrition - 11th & 12th grade Optional
    • Introduction to Clinical Research - 12th grade Optional

    1pm AAHS Auditorium

    • Anatomy & Physiology I - 11th grade Mandatory
    • Emergency Clinical Care - 10th grade Mandatory

    MAKE-UP DATE: June 5, 2024 - AAHS Auditorium @ 9am

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  • Rutgers - Grade Exemption Request Form

    I would like to bring to your attention some important and significant changes to the Rutgers program this year:

    • Although the grading system for Rutgers exam scores will remain the same and continue to be based on letter grade only (A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, F), the processing of grades will no longer require a completed DocuSign submission, as in years past.
      • Please keep in mind that the numerical grade that you receive on the Rutgers exam will not appear on your Rutgers Transcript.  Only the Letter Grade (A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, F) will appear on your Rutgers Transcript for that specific course.
    • Rather than completing the DocuSign, all students earning results of 73% or higher on their Rutgers exam will automatically be eligible for credits onto their Rutgers transcript, and that grade will automatically be put onto their Rutgers transcript.
    • If you DO NOT wish to include your Rutgers exam grade on your Rutgers transcript, an Exemption Form must be submitted, which will be due within a 2-week window of release of Rutgers exam grade results.
    • Students must have their parents sign and complete an Exemption Form if they do not wish to accept an eligible exam score for credit (Exemption Form attached to this email). 
    • Students/parents have every right to accept any grade to be added to a transcript.  Therefore, students who score below 73% and wish to include that grade on their Rutgers transcript, can also do so by submitting an exemption form.
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  • RESOURCE GUIDE - How to request your Rutgers Transcript

    Attention Seniors - PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY!

    Please use this Resource Guide in order to request your official Rutgers Transcript for your college/ university. You can indeed get a "partial" Rutgers transcript!  Meaning, at any point, you can request your personal Rutgers Transcript following the steps in the attached Resource Guide.   However, your request will contain only the following classes:

    1. Those classes that you completedtook the test for and met the threshold for receiving credit.

    2. Do not expect a class to be on your Rutgers Transcript that you haven't taken the test for yet, such as A&P2 or Fundamentals, if you are an AAHS senior student requesting your Rutgers Transcript.

    3. At the end of senior year, you will have to request an updated transcript for the senior year Rutgers courses you have taken. Please do not do this until at least August following your AAHS Graduation year.

    This will change the way you report your classes for "College Classes You have Taken" on any application and self-reported academic record platform. As you can now say, you do have a transcript.  Please keep in mind that your FINALIZED Rutgers Transcripts will not be available until approximately August (after your graduation) or 30-45 days after your final paperwork has been received.  You MUST request another transcript at that time to ensure that all of your senior year exams are included on your Rutgers Transcript.

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